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  1. This will definately be my last Swiss Colony order. Too many emails received. Too much paperwork involved.
    Trying to make a payment online, calling C.Svc. Discussing problems. Trying to follow the rules, impossible.
    I get my account paid (trying online is nonsense). Spent 2 hrs. on this one single account. I will stick to making payments via USPS. Lillian Angelo

  2. Seems this process is bull-shit so, you can charge people late interest rates and added fee’s. I would never buy anything from them again! Their cheese spreads suck and they send you things that don’t work! Poor quality on all their items. Pay of the scammers as fast as I can. Bills are not correct and they don’t even know what their doing. Sent a product back… We have no clue, well I have the postal shipping slip and the day it was shipped. Well, OK we’ll give you the credit! Dah..Stupid people working over the phone and in receiving Dept.


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