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Avoiding Cash Payment of Dominion Security Deposit


What are the options with which I can avoid paying Dominion security deposit in cash?

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If you are a residential customer and if you do not want to pay your security deposit in cash, you have the following options to choose:

You may secure any other reliable customer of the company to sign a form that will guarantee payment of your Dominion bills. The person who signs this document should be a customer of the Dominion East Ohio service, and should have a good standing with the company. Once the company approves this guarantor, he will be responsible for paying any default amount on your behalf, which should not be more than 60 days of billed service, that is the bill amount of months. You can access the guarantor form by visiting the Dominion website.

You may provide letter of credit from a company from which you used electric or gas service previously. For eligibility:

  • The letter of credit should state that you used the company’s service for at least 1 year
  • You should have a good history of bill payment with the company for the last 1 year
  • You should not have got your service disconnected due to non-payment for the last 1 year
  • You should not have 2 consecutive bills with the company with past due balance payments over the last 1 year
  • Your name as the customer should be the same as the customer’s name mentioned in this document

Return related information:

Fax at 1-866-452-3940

The fax should include a cover sheet with your contact details and address of present Dominion services

Mailing address:

Dominion East Ohio

P.O. Box 5759

Cleveland, OH 44101

Attn: Contact Services

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