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Target REDcard Online Payment


Founded at the very start of 20th century in 1902 as Dayton Dry Good, Target is currently the second largest US based retail company – only after Walmart. Target stood at the 36th position in the Fortune 500 list in 2013. It is also a component of Standard & Poor’s 500 index. With employee strength of 366,000, it runs huge ... Read More »

City of Garland Bill Pay

city of Garland logo

The city of Garland received their first water supply in 1956. They buy water that has already been treated from North Texas Municipal Water District. They get their water from local lakes but split the supply into two halves because of the difference in pressure. They can pump over 221 million gallons each and every day and have over 67,822 ... Read More »

City of East Point Utility Bill Pay

City of East Point Utility logo

East Point City has a population comprising of a considerable percentage of individuals over 60 years of age who have lived in the City for 40, 30 or 20 years. The City provides discount on its senior residents’ utility bills. With an aim of providing outstanding utility services to its customers in a cost-effective, reliable and safe manner, East Point ... Read More »

City Of Converse Water Bill Pay

City Of Converse logo

For over 50 years Converse has been dedicated to the growth of their community.  The city if full of economic growth, development and energy.  They are committed to continue to provide fast responsive courteous and professional services to each of their customers.  That is why they make it easy for their customer to be able to pay their bill in ... Read More »

City of Durham Water Bill Pay

City of Durham logo

The City of Durham Water services are owned by the city. They currently have over 300 employees who work around the clock to ensure your services are as you would expect them to be and so that any water main problems can be dealt with as a matter of urgency. They provide clean drinking water to their customers as well ... Read More »

City of Clarksville, TN Utilities Services Bill Pay

City of Clarksville, TN logo

Clarksville gas and water is proud of the services they deliver to the Clarksville residents.  They are proud to safely deliver services to their customers each and every day with a friendly and courteous staff.  By visiting Clarksville gas and water website customer are able to learn more about the Utility company and what they have to offer as far ... Read More »

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Bill Pay

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities was founded in 1972 when the city and county worked together to provide residents with a combined water and wastewater service.  When they began they had 72,000 customers they provided their services to. Since then they have grown to become the largest in the area. They now have 4,198 miles of water mains to deliver fresh water ... Read More »

City Of Dallas TX Water Bill Pay

City Of Dallas logo

A city the this supports a vibrant urban community is a city of great economic development.  Dallas thrives on the growth and balance of their community and is dedicated to providing a strong and balance service to their community as well.  Just as they are growing in the way that they provide service to their community they are growing just ... Read More »

Aqua Pennsylvania Bill Pay

aquaamerica logo

Aqua Water has roots that date back to 1886 when a supply of water was needed for Pennsylvania. They started off by building a small station that pumped water to homes that had pipes lain to receive their supply. They grew quickly as more people needed water supplied to their homes and businesses and now have over three million customers ... Read More »

Asheville, NC Water Bill Pay

Asheville, NC Water logo

Ashville water provide a waste water cleaning service and fresh water to residents and businesses in the area. Rather than being a lone standing they are owned by the city and are classed as a department rather than a company in its own rights. They keep the costs as low as possible for residents and part of the revenues go ... Read More »