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Activate American Express Plum Card

American Express logo

American Express is known throughout the world for its credit cards. In fact, it was American Express which revolutionized the credit card services across the United States. Also known as Amex, American Express was founded in 1850. What makes it even special is its inclusion in 30 components of Dow Jones Industrial Average. The stats doesn’t end here. American Express ... Read More »

Conveniently Pay Your Seventh Avenue Bill


Founded in 1983, Seventh Avenue was a company that was tasked with finding those exquisite and unique collectibles for holiday gifts without the same price tag that usually comes with rare and hard to find products. They did a good job at this and as their market grew they had to do the same. While the online catalog company has frequently ... Read More »

Oklahoma Natural Gas Bill Pay

Oklahoma Natural Gas logo

Oklahoma Natural Gas has been around since 1906. Since then they have grown substantially with 829,000 customers under their belt. They have over 25000 miles worth of pipes to deliver natural gas to their customers and have underground storage facilities to make sure their customers always have a supply. Their parent company is ONEOK and they work together closely to ... Read More »

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) Bill Pay

Philadelphia Gas Works logo

Having a rich and dynamic history that is leading their community into a promising future PGW continues to serve Philadelphia every day of the year.  Since 1836, PGW has been lighting the streets and homes of Philadelphia with continued customer service and they work hard to follow up with their reputation.  They want their customers to be satisfied on all ... Read More »

Paying Your ComEd Bill Online


ComEd is an electrical distributor that has been around for more than a century with roots dating back to entrepreneurs and pioneers in the energy industry. ComEd online experience is convenient since it provides on the go accessibility. This is done through the ComEd mobile app with is available for download (for free) across a variety of mobile platforms except Windows ... Read More »

Managing National Grid Services Online

National Grid

National Grid ( is a former state utility of the United Kingdom, generating electricity and energy under government control until privatisation. Today, National Grid provides services across the UK, Europe and the northeast of the US. National Grid is a parent company to a number of different sub-brands, which may provide your electricity or natural gas energy supply directly. They ... Read More »

Pay Your Bill To Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison ( is a subsidiary of Edison International, one of the largest providers to energy utilities nationwide. Covering some 14 million customers across California, Southern California Edison serves homes and businesses throughout the state, with most customers on a pay monthly plan for the energy they use. With 16,515 employees across California and beyond involved in generating and ... Read More »

Pay with Best Buy Credit Card


There are retailers who stick to only one type of product for sales. Headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb, Best Buy is one of those. Best Buy sells only consumer electronics products. Started as an audio speciality store in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak, it was renamed and rebranded with a focus on consumer electronics. It ... Read More »

Pay Fingerhut Bills with MyAccount


You would have a hard time imagining that Fingerhut, an online shopping center, was actually founded in 1948. Founded by William and Manny Fingerhut, they initially sold automobile seat covers only. In 1952, Fingerhut repositioned itself as a mail order catalogue company. With this new strategy, it added goods like towel, dishes and tools into its product catalogue. The company ... Read More »

Paying Your PSEG Energy Bill Online

  PSEG, Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc., is a Newark, NJ-based electric and gas company, providing power across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. For millions of customers throughout the region, PSEG is the primary energy provider, and household and business energy bills are paid directly to PSEG on monthly or quarterly payment cycles. For those who prefer to manage their ... Read More »